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D1. CHICKEN SATAY    *Gluten free*

Marinated chicken grilled on a skewer served with our house peanut sauce.

D2. THAI TOAST                 

Thai style marinated ground pork and sesame on a square of toast.


Vegetable filling in a crisp wrapper served with a traditional dipping sauce.

D4. SPRING ROLLS              

Chicken and vegetable filling in a crisp wrapper served with a traditional dipping sauce.

D5. TOD MAN PLA (FISH CAKE)            *Gluten free*

Deep fried patties of minced fish mixed with red curry paste, finely chopped long beans,

 and shredded Kaffir lime leaves served with a crisp cucumber salad dipping sauce.

D6. MEE GROB (CRISPY NOODLE)       *Gluten free*

Thai sweet and tangy crispy noodles served with shrimp, red onions, bean sprout and scallions.

D7. TAO HOO TOD (GOLDEN TOFU) *Gluten free*

Fried golden tofu served with our house peanut sauce.

S1. STEAMED DUMPLING                                                                                            

Plump dumplings stuffed with ground chicken mixed with pork, shiitakes, water

chestnuts and bamboo slices served with a delicious sweet, dark soy dipping sauce.

S2. SHRIMP ROLL                                                                                                     

Marinated shrimp rolled with crunchy carrot in a crispy wrapper, served with

 sweet chili dipping sauce.

S3. SUKHOTHAI PLATTER                                                                                            

Assortment of Thai chicken satay, spring rolls, vegetable spring rolls and shrimp

rolls served with our peanut sauce and a traditional dipping sauce.

S4. VEGETARIAN PLATTER                                                                                                              

Thai tempura of eggplant, bell pepper, onion and deep-fried golden tofu

served with a traditional dipping sauce.

S5. SUKHOTHAI MUSSELS *Gluten free*                                                              

Pan- steamed mussels with lemongrass, lime leaves, Thai basil, seasoned with

sweet chili Lime dressing.